Thursday, 29 May 2014

Mission (im)possible

I haven't blogged recently as I have not really had much to talk about, but after attending the AGM of Tonbridge and District Fish Preservation and Angling Society, I realised that my blog may be put to some good use , I did something similar once before , but never saw it through .
this time it is different , my club is losing memberships fast , not long ago the membership was over 2,000 now we are below 1,000. This could mainly be due to a lot of anglers preferring to fish commercial fisheries, as they are almost certain to catch something!

I aim to highlight the great fishing that is available in our club waters , with a bit of hard work the rewards are there , for those that can put the effort in . and all for £50 a year .
some examples of the fish that an amatuer like myself has caught over the last couple of years .

5lb + Lure caught Medway Chub
18lb Lure caught Medway Pike

an eden lure caught perch

A brace of Haysden tench

2.5lb Ballast Pit lure caught perch

20lb Ballast Pit bait caught ,Pike 

other anglers catches
 a Medway lure caught pike 
1lb medway roach 
Ballast Pit slabs
20 + Ballast Pit carp

Son In law Ross with his first ever fish, a lure caught eden perch


  1. I totally agree with you mate to many people are going to these commercials due to there cast a catch rate however this year I've rounded up few mates who do the above and got them to join as why pay nearly £20 a day for fishing when for £50 a year you got quality lakes and river to which I'm proud to be a member off

  2. Well done Ryan ! The committee are talking about giving a free ticket to anyone that can introduce 10 new members in a season, so keep at it mate !
    I cant wait for that river to open on the 16 th! I'm suffering from Medway withdrawal symptoms at the moment. !

  3. Oh yes can't wait for river season, already eyeing up few spots ready for the season ;-)

  4. HI there Mark, I'm also a member on the Tonbridge Angling society and have really appreciated your write ups on all the spots I've fished! The only thing I struggle to understand is your success with the Perch down the Eden ( when I say success I mean by the sheer size of Perch your catching.) Much like yourself, I am on a Perch mission, to bag a Perch of at least 3lb ( to beat my PB of 2.8lb out of Gabriels whilst luring), the Eden being the most convenient river for me to get down to after work, so you could imagine I've fished it a hell of a lot as soon as the season opened. Now don't get me wrong, I've hand loads of Perch out of there but nothing near a lb in weight! Strangely enough, I use the same lures as you Kopyto and I've found the orange is really a great colour for them. BUT I use the 1' variety on a size 6 2g jig. If there are any tips/locations you could give me for fishing the river for the bigger Perch would be greatly received ( I'm not asking for all your secrets haha! ) Again I really enjoy catching fish of any size, but I am after those bigger specimens!

    1. Hi Will , good to hear from another Tonbridge member , most of the bigger perch that I have caught on the Edenbridge free stretch ,were taken very early in the morning ,near enough at first light, mainly in the autumn and early winter, during milder spells.
      Summer time is great for numbers of smaller fish, although it is very patchy as I am sure you are aware. I think the bigger fish like a bit of colour in the water.
      This season, I am mainly concentrating on the Vexour Bridge section, and have caught a couple of 1lb+ perch so far, on live minnows and gudgeon . I haven’t tried the lures yet this year , but in the past have had ok results when dropshotting, again its very patchy , most bites coming straight away , if I don't catch in the first five minutes I move on , I reckon that there were either no fish there in the first place, or my attempts at a stealthy approach have spooked them . Most fish that I catch are either on the far bank or right under my feet, and take the lure on the drop its mainly the smaller fish that chase the lures down.
      If I have catch a good fish I keep it in my landing net ,and see if there are any more , if nothing happens within 5 minutes or so I return the fish downstream and will just sit down really quietly for 10-15 minutes before giving it another go , this has produced a few good bonus fish
      Best of luck with your “Search for Perch ! “

  5. Cheers keep up the good work! Had myself a 5.12lb Chubb out of the Eden the other day, was properly chuffed. On a 2 inch kopyto shad. Great fun