Friday, 8 February 2013

A quick session

I managed to use, and christen, my new bait casting outfit today, that I was bought for Christmas
(Thanx Mum and Dad).
Its nothing to fancy, a Daiwa Mega-force 7-28 gm rod, and a Quantum Vantage bait caster reel,
For the money it handles very well,
I still have not got used to casting with it though, the straight forward right hand cast is fine, but when anything other than a straight forward chuck is needed, I need a lot more practice!

It handled this River Beult thug nicely though ! 

 I caught it on a very slow stop, and go retrieve, on a 3.5" Fishunter lure, with a 7 gm 2/0 shad jig head.

 I hooked and pulled out of a fish on the previous cast , I cast back to the same area, repeated the stop and go, felt a fish take the lure in its mouth and then move off with it , a good solid lift of the rod and the hook was set nicely this time.
The bait-caster outfit dealt with it easily, and the fish was soon in the net, quickly unhooked, and back into the water after a quick photo. Happy days !

I only had one more take , when something attacked a small kopyto lure right at my feet, and I somehow  managed to yank the lure away from it.  DOH !

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