Monday, 21 May 2012

Lures and flies !

I had another session with the lures today , I also caught my first ever fish on a fly, only a  little rudd , but it was my first ever!
After reading Dominic Garnetts "Flyfishing for Coarse Fish" I was inspired to give it a go.
Its not as easy, as some make it look ! Still I gave it a go, it didn't last long though as the wind changed, and took my killer fly into the trees ! Damn !
I will be giving this method a lot more thought in the future, watch this space.

 All of the pike above fell in a mad 10minute spell  to the Chartreuse spinnerbait, which has proved to be a real killer on this pit, they are not the biggest pike but they were good fun , which is what it is all about.
This little fella was caught on a dropshot rig.
Using a spinshot dropshot hook.


using a Sun Perch, Lake Fork Baby Shad.

Not a bad evening session with the pike , but the perch are just not showing up, hopefully I will be able to find out what the perch in this place like soon.
I tried using a Neko rigged worm today , but nothing doing, Also tried a lot of different Kopyto lures, and perch grubs.
I keep hearing that they are being caught on baits , so they are in there, it just might not be a lure friendly water for the perch.
The pike love them , thats for sure !
I will keep plugging away though !!!( sorry about the pun ! )

Heres a picture of Mum and Dad taking the kids out

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