Sunday, 4 December 2011

Travelling light !

Above is a picture of all the tackle that I take with me
when fishing the small streams. 
One rod, my new Mitchell Mag Pro 4-18grm rod,
with a small Okuma Safina Pro 20,
one box of soft plastic lures , a few made up wire traces,
jig heads,forceps,pliers,wirecutters and superglue.

and some of the fish that I caught today,not very big, but beautifully formed.

 This how I like to fish on the small venues that I know,
 with just a few bits in my pocket,
 I can walk and get access to a lot more places, 
than if I was lugging my seat box,rod holdall, and net bags,
plus all the other bits that we think we need.
I find it very liberating to be able to rove around unhindered by all the gear,
that anglers(me included) carry around with us,
O K, so some of the fish are not that big,
but on the light gear they all give a good scrap,
and most importantly, I enjoy my fishing again.


  1. Congratulation for the catches, very nice coloured perch.
    What soft plastic lure is in second photo, with yellow and red?

  2. That is one of these little chaps

  3. I have been thinking about joining Tonbridge, but family commitments (2 nippers) have limited my fishing :-(.
    Anyway, excellent blog & it is good to see someone else sharing a love of U/L fishing, maybe meet up on the bank sometime?