Saturday, 22 June 2013

Just the hors d'oeuvres (I hope)

I have managed a few sessions in the last week,the new perch water has not produced any thing yet,other than a few Jacks, but they have been good fun on the light gear. I am reliably informed that as the water warms up the fry congregate around the half dozen or so sailing pontoons and then there is a perchfest, but this has not happened yet !

Had a UL session on the Eden at Penshurst ,which produced a dozen or so small perch and a small chub,nothing of any size,but its always good fun with the light gear, 1 to 2  gm jig heads,bumped slowly along the bottom or just a steady slow retrieve produced bites,they did not want to chase anything to fast  

 Greedy little wotsit this one !

only slightly bigger !

I caught these two and a few micro-jax during a couple of  evening sessions on a gravel pit,
while hunting the elusive stripe's, with kopyto shads and small spinner-baits

straight from work still had me posh shoes on !

unhooked this one in the net and straight back, as I was fishing off a concrete pier.

Wet tights everyone !

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