Sunday, 14 December 2014

The search is back on !

After what seems like ages the search is back on ! 
Losing my Dad to alzheimer's just over a year ago , starting a new lecturing job at a different college, with weekly lesson observations, and  Ofsted inspections, showing the younger lecturers,and the students, that at nearly 60, I've still got it as a chef( AND SOME ! ) , had an adverse effect on me wanting to go fishing , let alone write about it.
But I feel the time is right to make a start!
All the gear has been sorted ,new lures purchased ,braid checked, now as soon as I have finished doing the rounds as Santa I can get back to what I love doing the most - LURE FISHING !

There is only one other thing getting between me and my fishing, and that's my 9 month old granddaughter !!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Haysden Perch Fest !

This week I've been having some great fun ultralight lure fishing for the perch on Haysden Lake ,that are smashing into shoals of smaller fish . 
Nothing of any real size , but great fun on the light gear,even the little un's smash into the lure with a real thump!Its a competitive world under the surface ,often 5 or 6 fish go for the lure at the same time.
6' 11'' - 0.5gm - 7gm
The Tronix Pro HTO Rockfish UL (ultra light) has a solid tip and light but crisp action to allow you to work tiny lures. Perfect for fishing 'down the side' or for casting.
.LRF (light rock fishing) has been big in Japan for years and is slowly starting to gain popularity here in the UK.
Basically LRF is lure fishing in miniature using scaled down rods, reels lures and light lines to target smaller species. It is amazing how many different species you can catch and this variety is the real joy in this style of ultralight lure fishing.

I've cut the tip down to the second from top eye 
I tend to use a 2-3gm jig head plus-lure makes it 4gm or so , 

The trick to this fishing is finding the prey fish, find signs of activity and the perch are not normally far behind, you have to keep on the move though , as they can disappear quicker than you can find them.
When perch are smashing into a shoal of small fry,I tend to fish on the edge of the main activity , picking off fish from the edges,rather than bullying them from the middle and spooking the rest of the raiding party.I caught over 60 fish in one session ,before getting exhausted and frustrated at not being able to find the bigger ones ,that are in there ;)
 If bites slow down ,change lure type and/or colour , if bites stop- MOVE.

small perch taken on a drop shot plastic worm

 A feisty little stripy 

I fished on Longfield today ( Sunday) just for a change , there was a lot of feeding activity with rafts of bubbles appearing all over,apart from the shallow end which is covered in an oily film , and cotton wool balls that clog up the braid on my reels.
Caught a dozen or so perch ,biggest one about a pound and a couple of micro jacks
No two fish fell to the same lure

 on a small chartreuse spinnerbait

on a small floating crankbait 

also caught on
 1" kopyto shads, different colours
2" kopyto shad, different colours

Got an all action shot of Tony Crossly netting a good sized roach on Haysden.
a lot more fish showing up this year !

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Mission (im)possible

I haven't blogged recently as I have not really had much to talk about, but after attending the AGM of Tonbridge and District Fish Preservation and Angling Society, I realised that my blog may be put to some good use , I did something similar once before , but never saw it through .
this time it is different , my club is losing memberships fast , not long ago the membership was over 2,000 now we are below 1,000. This could mainly be due to a lot of anglers preferring to fish commercial fisheries, as they are almost certain to catch something!

I aim to highlight the great fishing that is available in our club waters , with a bit of hard work the rewards are there , for those that can put the effort in . and all for £50 a year .
some examples of the fish that an amatuer like myself has caught over the last couple of years .

5lb + Lure caught Medway Chub
18lb Lure caught Medway Pike

an eden lure caught perch

A brace of Haysden tench

2.5lb Ballast Pit lure caught perch

20lb Ballast Pit bait caught ,Pike 

other anglers catches
 a Medway lure caught pike 
1lb medway roach 
Ballast Pit slabs
20 + Ballast Pit carp

Son In law Ross with his first ever fish, a lure caught eden perch

Thursday, 20 March 2014

PB pike

As I was aiming at spending the day at the pit I decided that I would fish static dead baits, as a whole day throwing lures can be quite tiring.
So armed with some sprats, 2 x 2.75tc carp rods fitted with my old  baitrunner reels ,loaded with 30lb PowerPro, I placed my float fished baits ,one to the left of the swim, uptight to some semi submerged branches, the other to my right, where I hoped there would be a patch of  lilies growing up through the water ,affording a good ambush spot for old esox .

After just 10 minutes my left hand float gave a sudden bob and then proceeded to steadily slide out of view towards the semi submerged snags. I had not engaged the free spool option on this reel as I knew that if anything took the bait it would head back into the snags pretty pronto !
I immediately struck and meet a formidable solid resistance , at first I thought that the fish had got me in the snags, and I was attached to a branch , and then I felt it shake its head ,I think I had managed to turn the fish before it knew it was hooked .
 Now I am no weakling , but my arm ached as I had to lock down solid on this fish as it now turned back to the branches, and really wanted to get back in there, I was having none of that , and nor was the fish for a while, it kept deep as it tried  to plough its way into the snags. After a good tug of war which hooped the 13ft rod round very nicely, the fish came out into the middle of the swim , but kept making powerful lunges at the snags , then it decided to run out into the lake , which I let it do, backwinding furiously, as the clutch was tightened right down to stop it getting in  the near bank,
I had to let it go for a while, then it started to go back to the snags, but from a different angle, I had to apply a lot of side strain and plunged the rod tip under water and managed to turn it before it got to its sanctuary,  a bit crafty this fish !
It broke surface in front of me ,and I knew that this fish was a "good un" my biggest until now was an 18 pounder, a couple of years back from the river, and this was definitely bigger .
Now the fish sat deep and would not come up without some real effort , I got the net ready as it surfaced again and applied some relentless strain to guide the fish over the net , it spooked at the net and went flying off into the middle of the lake again,
I dropped the net , managed to regain control, and slowly regained line .
Luckily just then a fella visiting one of the carp anglers further up the lake walked along and I asked if he would assist with the netting , I asked if he had netted a fish before, and it was OK he was an experienced angler, the last thing I would have wanted was someone that did not know what they were doing .
And he did a sterling job, I must find out his name (in all the excitement I forgot to ask)
He handed me the net handle when the fish was safely in , I gathered the netting and lifted it out, onto the ready and waiting unhooking mat.
It was hooked inside the mouth on 2 prongs of one of the trebles ,in a bit of soft tissue ,after a couple of exploratory attempts with the forceps, I decided to cut the hooks, as I did not want to cause any damage to the mouth of this fish trying to save a  hook .
In fact I was so focussed on returning such a splendid specimen in good shape, that I had to be reminded to get a photo.
The photo does not do it justice really as the prospective is wrong , but the net under it is  42" so that gives you some idea .

Monday, 17 March 2014

A fish at last !

I actually managed to get to some water at last , 

The rivers around my way ( Medway& Eden) just got back into fish-able conditions last weekend (15 th ) just in time for the beginning of the close season , typical!  
I have been waiting months to get on the streams again, and they just never dropped and cleared in time, 
I did have a couple of half hearted attempts in the floods, but apart from a couple of small perch on drop-shot tactics nothing much was forth coming.

So today (Monday) I managed to get a couple of hours throwing lures on The Pit, I could only fish one side and one end of the pit as the water levels are still very high making the far side swims inaccessible, also the lagoon end of the pit was full of "bivvied up" carp boys , I gave them plenty of space as they do not always appreciate the fine art of lure chucking very much. 

So I had a run of about the first 16 swims to play around in, I started off on a chartreuse spinner bait, as the colour of the water is still quite murky, I hooked on 3" paddle tail shads in various colours to make it a bigger profiled bait and give extra casting weight ,so that I could reach the deeper water . I spent the next 2 hours moving from swim to swim , searching the margins and any bank side feature,then fan casting, with not so much as a sniff.

I tried a slow sinking jerk bait , but kept finding weed growth.

I tried a weed less "sebile magic swimmer",in perch and roach patterns , a lure that looks like it should catch ,but I am yet to get ought on it ! 
I will keep giving them a go for a while longer ,before they are put in the shed , with all the other also rans. 

I switch back to a spinner bait, but a white one this time. fitted with a trailer hook and first cast I get a hit , I strike and feel solid resistance and then nothing , there is a healthy boil on the surface as the fish turns away , I flick the lure back in, just beyond the swirl and it is nailed straight away , I feel heavy solid resistance, and the fish just rises to the surface and wallows there for a couple of seconds , its a good low double I reckon, 
"now its going to wake up" I say to myself  - out loud  ;) ! 
but apart from one solid dive which I stop, it never went any further than where it took the lure , no energy at all.  Until I try to unhook it of course !    
Not to bad a fish to break the blank spell

Friday, 3 January 2014

Not a chance !

Apart from a couple of less than half hearted sessions throwing jerk baits in to a swollen and coloured up gravel pit ,I have not had a chance to fish with the UL gear at all !

Here are the last two venues that I fished ,and you can see why I have not been at them !

This is the normally tiny River Eden in Edenbridge,not the exact spot where I normally fish ,you cant get to that at all ,but this is what its like all over my patch!

This canalised bit is in normal conditions 20-30 ft wide max.!
At the top of the river opposite the top house  you can just see a riffle in the water where the near side bank normally is.
This is the same stream that was a good 2 foot under summer depth a couple of weeks ago

This is a footpath !

Edenbridge town centre:- and this has dropped a foot or two since yesterday.
I sometimes stand against the bridge wall and flick a lure through , wont be doing that for a while !

This is a vid of the River Medway in Maidstone Town Centre, where I like to fish when I take the wife shopping , (out of the goodness of my heart, of course ;) normally ideal for a quick drop-shot session

She can shop more locally for the next couple of weeks!
I cant see any point in taking her shopping there, if I cant get to fish !

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Where has all the water gone ?

Having spent a fruitless afternoon on the Medway on Saturday , with kayaks all over the bloody place ,racing up and down.
Why cant they just go somewhere, and not came back for a couple of hours,every 10 minutes the same flotilla of twenty or so would come hurtling through taking up the whole width of the river,travelling at well over the 4 knot speed limit that motor craft have to observe. the wash from twenty speeding kayaks is quite substantial I can tell you ,so it wasn't long before the river was clouded up, I concentrated around the deeper water ,with slowly retrieved texas rigged grubs and and worms ,just bumped along the bottom

But nothing wanted to play ,I had a throw with  a couple of hard lures as well, just in case, but got the same negative response:(

Met up with Mark  "Arveey" fellow Kent perch angler and founder of The Perch Forum, on  Sunday  morning, to fish what was a couple of days ago a splendid looking River Eden.
When we got there we realised that the water level had dropped a couple of feet , I have never seen it as low, even in the summer months, in some places there was only 8-9 inches of water, where there is normally 2 -3 foot .
Someone, somewhere is mucking about with the water levels,but seeing as how it was about 6ft over its bank the other week, I cant think that any farmer is short of H2O at the moment, unless one of the local commercials are topping a new c##p puddle up !
any way we slogged on none the less and it was 3 hours later that "arveey" got the first fish, which was a cracking looking perch,  on a 2" Relax Kopyto lure of course !

a fish of about 13/4lb -2lb

 same fish - different photo

and it looks a lot bigger !

Big enough to juggle with  as well !

I only managed a small Jack on a drop shot rig , my only bite of the day (week end ! )
we then decided that it was time to admit defeat, and head home.

Not great fishing ,- but a nice December morning, spent in good company, on the river bank!

Thursday, 24 October 2013


Conditions+ In flood, rising ,very coloured water

successful lures =  3" orange kopyto + chartreuse spinner jig = 3 perch
imitation craw-fish = 1 pike

Tuesday, 17 September 2013