Saturday, 15 June 2013

The search for perch- part 2


The search for perch has started again, I think that I have at last located a decent perch water,
nothing major huge, but a few fish worth targeting.
So the alarm clock is set for silly o'clock A.M.
The lures, and the rest of the kit has had its final sort out, and clean up.
I have spent the last couple of days (that should read weeks),
putting together all that I think I need to take, and then just working out what I really need,
and what I am likely to use.
I have got it down to two boxes of small soft plastic lures,

 and one with  various jig heads ,

a rucksack, two rods,

landing net and unhooking mat.
All other bits are kept  in the pockets of my fishing vest. = polarized glasses, forceps,braid scissors, spare hooks,made up traces,wire,fluorocarbon, club tickets,rod licence,camera,first aid kit etc etc

I am probably still carrying more than I will actually need, it's a confidence thing I suppose, what if I leave the killer lure at home!
I can't odds it , when I am after ESOX, I carry a lot less, but when pursuing perch I lug a lot more gear about

The number one thing that I have learnt from my last 2 years fishing the lure is that, mobility is the key.
And personal comfort is very important when you are on your feet all day (which I am anyway, at work )
but when carrying your gear about, comfort and organisation is paramount.
I find a rucksack much more comfortable,than a shoulder bag, as it straightens out my back when fishing,
I have a habit of leaning towards the water on the retrieve, and this gives my back a bit of jip after an hour or two.

This lure fishing lark can be a bit physical at times, as you are constantly on the go, either actively fishing for or locating the fish.
One thing that I invariably neglect to take is some drinking water, even though the majority of my sessions are a max. of 3-4 hours, it is amazing how dehydrated I get, and then my concentration wavers, also a snack bar or similar helps.

Here's hoping that this season sees a few more perch pictures on my blog, than the previous two have,
I will still enjoy my fishing, even if my search for perch results in a red herring!

I also wish everyone else out there in the ether, a good season.



  1. Good read that, I've been doing just the same with my kit, sorting it out in anticipation. Miles more lures than you need but you know that, I do that too. Only thing I'd add to it is something like a larger crank bait because sometimes those big perch just want a big dinner. I've had good success with 5 to 7cm jointed rapala shad raps if you have any handy to stick in your collection. Good luck Mark, for tomorrow and the rest of the season.

  2. Cheers Paul,
    I have some 4.5 cm HRT small fry cranks in my box, I have just added a couple of 7 cm cranks,
    I reckon I am well armed now, Nothing like going OTT is there !

  3. OTT might mean you carry a too much but at least you don't forget much! lol. Sometimes the wiggle of the cranks is what does the trick when a soft lure isn't working. All you can do is cover the options and give yourself a chance.