Thursday, 25 July 2013

Slim pickings

I don't know about the rest of you guys ,but I am really struggling to connect with any decent size fish so far this season.
I have gone from not being able to catch even small perch, to the point of being plagued by them , although I have to admit they are still good sport on my ultra-light gear and  fly outfit.
I am giving the pike lures a rest as the conditions are not favourable for the pikes safety at the moment, but I have been catching quite a few micro pike whilst hunting the stripes.

I took a couple of my female work friends young sons for a fish on my local club pond, and after a couple of hours they were both fairly proficient at baiting a hook, flicking a pole rig out ,and unhooking the small Rudd and Roach that the place is stuffed full of.  Good times had by all.
Except, I spent most of the time retrieving tackle from the bushes and trees, that I thought were a safe distance from them ,but they still managed to find them , a few small fish were sent into orbit whilst they tried to get the hang of just giving the pole a quick flick and lift (that bought back a few memories from my childhood fishing days) all were returned safely in the end,even the two mothers caught a fish each.

While they were all sitting have their lunch time picnic, I spotted a couple of larger Rudd feeding on the surface ,and decided to try to get one on the fly outfit,so I tied on a little black number and roll cast out to where they were , only for a thousand small Rudd to appear and take the fly every time it hit the water . good fun

oh well another species to add to the fly caught list ,size isn't everything after all .
wet tights everyone !

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