Saturday, 9 March 2013

LRF meets sSF

LRF meets SSF = Light rock fishing meets Small stream fishing.
I spent a chilly afternoon on my local stretch of the River Darrent , after a day and nights rain all my the other streams and rivers had risen and coloured up again, so I doubt if I will get another go at them before the close.
The Darrent is a chalk stream so does not get that coloured, but it had risen, and was racing through at a considerable pace.
I bought a Tronix-pro Rockfish HTO 6' 11'' - 0.5gm - 7gm  LRF rod earlier this year with the intention of using it on this small stream when bait fishing, and with ultra light lures.
I am giving the lures a rest at the moment , or more to the point, giving  myself a rest, as a long session with the lures can get quite tiring, I will save the lures for the short sessions for now.

Back to the rod, - it works a treat, I find it is ideal  for small stream fishing , it is easy to handle in the confines of the bank side shrubbery, short enough to cast over head without getting involved with the trees, light enough to hold or rest on a rod rest or a handy branch, it has a very fine sensitive tip,giving good bite indication. I used it with 4 lb mono on the reel today, but I think I will switch reels, to one loaded with a light braid when I use the UL lures with it,

Bites were few and far between, but once I had found some slower water I managed to winkle out a few, on a light link ledger rig fishing with worms tipped with a fake maggot.

One nice roach of about a 1lb + (maybe) , that put a bend in the little UL stick !

A small chub -

and identical twin perch

They look like the same fish, but if it is, I caught it twice!

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