Monday, 11 March 2013

All round approach

In an effort to keep this lure fishing blog "Confessions of a novice lure angler " relevant to the title,
I am creating another diary/blog for my other fishing exploits.
As I will be doing a lot more general fishing in the up and coming season, what with running the Junior section of one of my clubs,also I thought I might enter a few of their senior competitions, as I find lure fishing nice for a quiet day out but I sometimes like the company of others, and being on the committee, I am going to make an effort to be more sociable, and try to get better known within the club.
Also with another of the clubs that I belong to, I am allowed to night fish next season ,so a few nights out under the stars may be in the offing, anyone got an old second hand bivvy, I am not going to part with my well earned shekels on a brand new one, and only use it once or twice !
So I will copy my last couple of posts on to this blog, and see how it goes.

My return to general fishing has all come about through buying some bi-focal glasses, as before I had to keep swapping over every time I wanted to bait up, it was a real pain in the derrière !
They are a real life changer at work as well  !

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