Saturday, 30 March 2013

Pastures new

I hope to join a different local club this year, I had one year with another local club, but my experience of their waters and members was, to say the least, disappointing.(I am still a member of Tonbridge and intend to stay a member as I love the rivers)
I do not think I saw another angler (carp men 99% ) catch a fish, some carp anglers apparently fish all year for a bite on one of the pits (Rock hard as they say)
Nighttime feeders they say, so most of the decent swims are taken for a few days at a time in the summer, with half asleep carpers , that  have lines going in all directions,
on more than one occasion I have had this discussion when I approach an empty swim.
 " Oh!I've got a bait over there mate"
" How many swims are you going to fish in then" is my reply.
" Come on you got the rest of the lake to fish in ,have some fishing etiquette"
"Yes I have, but I only fish one swim at a time, you are fishing in three at a time, is that "having some fishing etiquette"

They did not like me chucking a couple of ounces of wood or plastic in every couple of minutes or so, but they can bombard the living daylights out of the place with a spod for half an hour and that is OK !

On top of that there was a ban on braid for almost the last four months of the season , which really put the kibosh on my fishing ! Brought about by some "carpers" abusing the rules, and casting heavy weights beachcaster style into an out of bounds area, and feeding from an out of bounds bank at night !
And they do not allow any reports on your catches to be made, or photos on the internet!!!!!!!

So I am off to find pastures new in June, another local club has a big 90 acre pit which I intend to try ,they allow dogs which is great, as my little mates can come with me! I always enjoy my days fishing more with those two around, they can be a pain in the rear at times, but they are great fun, and I love seeing them enjoy themselves by the water.
Yesterday I fished ,first of all on Barden Lake, using my heavy jerkbait rod, but the wind was on me wherever I went, and I soon got tired of that, so I went on to the Ballast Pit,next door, and used my 30-40 gm baitcast rod, and my 14-28 gm baitcast rod. When it was time to vacate the car park, as they gates were going to be locked, I drove the half mile to Haysden, and saw the sun down with my ultralight setup.
 I blanked on all three venues, but that is beside the point.

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