Friday, 8 March 2013

A rainy sesh !

Lure fishing is my preferred style of angling, but after a busy week at work( I am on my feet all day and not getting any younger )
I have decided to do a bit of static fishing on my first day off, so that I can have a bit of a rest up and lure fish on the second, 
and hopefully again on the third day of my long weekends, I work 4 on 3 off at the moment 

This morning I decided to try and add a couple more species to the Chefnuts tally

So armed with just some bread, and a tin of corn I visited my clubs small farm pond , which is known to have a good head of quality roach,
plenty of carp up to 15-20lb, tench, bream, rudd and crucians.
I fished one rod on the buzzer with either a large lump of bread flake, or anchored crust,
and set my waggler rod up for fishing a piece of corn or small bread flake.
I started getting bites on float fished bread flake from the get go but kept missing them
the bites were not very positive and just as I thought they were from very small fish 

I switched to a single grain of sweetcorn and started to catch a few roach, with the odd decent one coming to the net ,sport was a bit sporadic, as every now and then a mob of carp would bull dozer through the swim.

I managed to pick a couple off when they were in front of me, by sliding all the shot up the line and floating a crust, which they slurped down noisily.

Not a particularly well taken shot , I was soaked to the skin by now,as I had left my brolley leaning up against the wall at home ,when I was loading the car
I carried on fishing for another hour or so and managed a few more roach , plus what at first I thought was a crucian carp,but on looking at the picture again I am not sure if it is a true fish maybe , maybe not I will let you decide

and a roach-bream hybrid

All in all it was quite a good mornings fishing ,but I wish I had remembered my brolley, I was like a wrinkled prune by the time I got packed up

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