Thursday, 6 December 2012

*!*#*!! Braid ban !#*!#*

One of the clubs that I belong to has just banned the use of all braid on the complex of pits that I fish
(almost every other day when I can)
due to a few carp anglers using heavy braid and mahossive weights(6 oz +),
and casting into areas that are out of bounds for fishing from the banks.
(100-+ yards distance) Also baiting these areas heavily,from the opposite bank I suppose,
(can you chuck a spoddy thingy that far?)

Now,  those that do not have the gear, can not get to the fish.
(not allowed to say how big they are, and cannot mention the name of club,or fishery).
They have also, of course suffered from break off's, and apparently there are long lengths of braid wafting about in the water, which is tethering the wild fowl.

I was going to give it a go tomorrow, as I have the day off , but now I can't, as I have braid on all my reels!*#
So do I change my destination? or do I load my reels with mono ?
A change of venue , me thinks # time to check out the streams and rivers .
(I wonder if I can get compensation for loss of fishing time, or added expenditure due to the ban ? ;)

There often seems to me, a lot more upsets, ding dongs, hissy fits, and spods being thrown out of the pram, amongst the carp angling fraternity, than in any other branch of this sport,
As an avid lure angler,(100 % now) I enjoy sharing my knowledge, and my experiences with others,
I will always tell others where I caught, and what I caught on, I find that I get enjoyment in other peoples  successes, as well as my own (not quite as much admittedly # )    


  1. If they are leaving 100yds of braid in the water it is probably a good thing it is banned. That stuff does not biodegrade too quickly!

    1. I should imagine that the lengths, and amount of braid may be slightly exaggerated,"(as most angling related stories can be), but I have seen anglers "beach casting" into the horizon, and if there is a crack off there will be quite a length of line out there, even using FS reels you can get wind knots that stick in the rings and cause a snap off.
      I have experienced this when lure chucking,but as my tackle is a lot lighter, and more balanced, I have not actually snapped off on the cast, but with a 6 oz lead this may well happen