Sunday, 30 December 2012

Out at last!

Managed to actually get some fishing done today,
I took my trusty "Avon and Pin " set up out for a trot, as this is the only style of fishing, other than using the lures that I enjoy these days.
I thought that the water might still have a bit to much colour in it for lure fishing , but when I got to the stream/brook (what ever you want to call it) , it was fining down nicely.
I chucked in a small amount of mashed bread, and a few bits of sweetcorn, in what I call the "Bridge Pool" my main quarry were roach, and maybe a bonus chub.
On my first trot down, the float shot away all most instantly, my strike met with some fairly solid resistance "Chub" I thought . Then the fish jumped clear of the water,and it had turned into a Jack of about 3 lb,  it was hooked fairly and squarely in the scissors of the jaw, on a piece of sweetcorn,on a size 12 hook.
My first thought was, I wish I had bought my lure gear, never mind - hey ho !
I managed to release it at distance,- in other words the hook pulled out ,so no picture

I then caught a couple of small chub-lets , and then I found some roach.
I don't know what it is, but I still get excited about catching roach, big or small, there is just something special about them for me, the look of them, and the smell of them, they just rekindle many good memories.

I once, a long time ago fished a club match on the Kennet and Avon canal, and caught a lot of good size roach, I weighed in about 30 lb in the match, all caught on tares, over hemp, biggest fish was 1 lb 8 oz.
We then stayed on after the match, and I caught double that amount  fishing and feeding heavily with just tares, some of the fish were 2 lb and over, but we no longer had the club scales so could not weigh them . But it was one of my most memorable days fishing, ever.

Back to today - I managed to winkle out a few more roach ,but none of any great size, about 8 oz was probably the best .

I carried on for as long as I could.
However my eyesight is not what it used to be, and I found it a bit of a strain after a while, not a strain watching the float, but baiting up, and most of all the retying of hooks, it requires me to use my glasses,and there then ensues a lot of fiddling, and fumbling about, first of all finding them, and then getting them on without poking myself in the eye.
I bought myself some bi-focal polarised glasses,for summer lure fishing ,I will now however have to get some bi-focal clear glasses for the duller days.
When lure fishing I only need to use them when changing lures,and that is just a simple matter of un-clipping one, and clipping the other on.

Much easier on the old mince pies !

I hope to get out again tomorrow, to christen my new Ultralight gear

HTO Rockfish UL

6' 11'' - 0.5 gm - 7 gm
The HTO Rockfish UL (ultra light) has a solid tip and light but crisp action to allow you to work tiny lures.
Perfect for fishing 'down the side' or for casting.
The Rockfish is finished with lined rings, screw winch and short duplon handle. 

LRF (light rock fishing) has been big in Japan for years, and is slowly starting to gain popularity here in the UK.
Basically LRF is lure fishing in miniature using scaled down rods, reels, lures and light lines to target smaller species. It is amazing how many different species you can catch and this variety is the real joy in this style of ultra light lure fishing.
Some of the specialist Japanese LRF rods can cost a small fortune but you have to ask if you really need to spend £300 on a rod to catch a blenny when the HTO Rockfish will do the same job, and give you just as much fun for a fraction of the price?

The feel of the rod is fantastic, I have teamed it up with a small okuma reel, loaded with 6 lb mono,
as I can't use braid where I am going to be fishing.
I hope to post again tomorrow , hopefully with pictures of  a few perch !!! ****!!!!

Post note - I have renamed this blog page" The confessions of a novice lure angler" as my new years resolution is that - I must face reality !

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