Saturday, 24 November 2012

Saturday 24/11

Went out this morning, met with arveey at the Eden , it was still well up and coloured , so we walked the bank with my dog "Daisy" who was on her first fishing trip,she behaved very well , most of the time. 
She did not want to go home though , slinked off into the woods , she did !
It was good to have a bit of a catch up- re new lures that we have bought , and new tackle, trips , forums and blogs.
made some plans for future trips and then came home.

Penned this little thought -

Water, water, everywhere, nowhere can I fish.
Raging stream, colour of mud.
Reed bed flat,rapid moving ,unstoppable flood. 
Water,water,everywhere,nowhere can I fish.
Weir-pools,eddies, falls and bend, nowhere can I fish. 
Foaming, raging, angry, deadly, nowhere can I fish !

We have had it fairly easy in the South East, 

compared to other areas.

Please remember that when conditions are as they are

opportunities to fish are fewer

and the temptation to fish gets greater.

NO fish is worth risking you life, 

or the life of others that might try to save yours ! 

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