Friday, 23 November 2012

weekly report of nothingness !

Not much to report so far this week , I have spent the day(Friday) whipping the water into a lather with big jerk baits,80 g +  in an attempt to catch something of substance, but this did not work out at all.
All I achieved was an achy arm, and a sunburnt face (wind weathered maybe) and one follow to the margins from a jack 3-4 lb .

I was hoping to meet up with fellow Kent percher "arveey" tomorrow, on the Eden, but that is way up, and any more wet stuff and over she comes !
My youngest daughter went to Canada(Calgary) this week for a 4 month stay with her boyfriend , and I have been left with the honour of looking after her 3 royal Pythons :)
I have just fed them (dead rats) , boy they strike fast , WTF ! made me jump, or what !
the 2 smaller ones ate, but thankfully ( for my nerves ) the big one (5 ft long) was not interested today .
I  can get used to feeding the smaller two , before I get a strike of the big girl.

I might do a bit of sprat wobbling tomorrow, if I go out at all .
the lures are just not turning them on at the moment. :(

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