Friday, 29 June 2012

LAS lure challenge

Had a quick lure session this afternoon,
as I had entered the Lure Angling Society ,summer lure challenge,
each team of 8 has a custom built lure ,
our team are called the MotherChuckers,
yours truly came up with that one (short for - Motherchucking Lure Chuckers)
each team member  has to catch on the lure, and post a report,
and then send it on to the next on the list.
I got the lure at 2.30pm ish, a quick trip down to the very windy local gravel pit complex
and its back in the post for 6.00 pm
Proper job !
It was a difficult deciding as to where to put the lure when casting ,
 as I only had the one lure, if I snagged it,
 and lost it, I would have to wait for a replacement one to come.
As I normally fish with soft plastic shads,
 losing a lure, jig head and possibly a trace might set me back £1.50 
rather than with some of the crank and jerk baits,
 that cost between £6 -£15 a throw .
I could not chuck this lure into places, that I would normally, not think twice about.
The fish hide in the snags ,so losing a couple, tells me I am hopefully fishing in the right place.
also with jig heads I am more likely to be able to bend the hook out
 before the trace, and braid give in,    

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