Thursday, 28 June 2012

First perch on the fly

My new passion is fly fishing for coarse fish,the search for perch has taken a bit of a back seat for a while.
It is amazing fun, and extremely frustrating at the same time.
It reminds of when I was about 8years old , when I first started fishing, and spent most of my days undoing tangles, removing hooks from my clothing,the bank side vegetation, and anything else in the near vicinity. re-tying hooks, and having to finish fishing earlier than I wanted to, as I had no hooks(and now flies )left !
But I have caught a few fish in to the bargain.
I started off with a Rudd, and then the other day I added Bleak and Chub to the list, last night I caught a Perch, a Roach,and another Chub
I also made contact(briefly) with a good size chub of about 3lb, woosh !!!
 A specimen sized perch, the first on the fly. haha !
species count.=5

what next a pike(jack) maybe ?
I have a cunning plan !


  1. It seems a lot of us are turning our attention to trying the fly for coarse fish. Although I haven't started yet I've sorted out an old 10' rodl Line 7/8 for carp on the lakes and just bought a cheap 8' rod for a long stretch of the windrush in a Club I've joined. It's almost jump overable (!) so I'm looking forward to trying my rusty fly fishing techniques there as well soon.

    1. Good luck David, I have had a couple more fly sessions since, fish everywhere but could not hook a thing, I have just purchased some micro fly's, when the winds die down a bit, I will give it another go :)