Saturday, 23 June 2012

What a jerk !

After a very uneventful, and windy morning on the Edenbrook , 
one small jack, and a couple of sprats on the fly rod.
I had a quick power nap at home, and then headed down to the local lake,
 for an evening with the jerkbait rod, 
and soft plastic shads,

which produced 2 pike...

 The second one was 71cm long and
 put up a good fight, even on the heavy set up.

 I fished at the deeper end of the pit for the first time, 
and had more luck than when I had fished the top end,
I also fitted stingers to the shads,for the first time, 
which helped greatly with the hook ups  :) 

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  1. Just found your blog and looks good mate, I can see the appeal of this light lure fishing I quite fancy getting myself a set up that i can leave in the van for swift after work sessions