Friday, 22 June 2012

Back on the rivers

Over the last week ,I have been fishing a gravel pit with spinner baits and frogs , where I lost a couple of low double pike, on spinner baits, and had several takes, but no hook ups with the frogs :(
and a small stream ,catching small perch, chub and mini jacks, on  1.5" tube baits, which were great fun on my lightweight set up

Today, I got back on the rivers, on the way home from work, I took a detour to a stretch of the Medway, which was very coloured , but I still managed to winkle out a chub (41cm), on a white 2.5" perch grub, with a small spinner bait attachment

I lost one more before calling it a day,
and heading for a smaller stream, 
which was a lot clearer, but still very pacey. 
I managed to contact a couple of perch, and a smaller chub, on kopyto lures

a close up of a big gob !
I will be returning to this stretch of stream very soon, 
as I think I feel in love with it, 
it has everything that I want in a fishery,
some fast shallows,
 a few deep wide bends,
plenty of features to fish to,
a lot of bank side cover.
Its the sort of place that is perfect for the mobile lure angler!
when the water level drops a bit , it will be perfect !

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