Friday, 29 June 2012

Baby craws save the day

I had an evening session during the week, and used a different camera , which I promptly forgot all about.
Until tonight when I sorted out one of my many tackle bags.
I have one for light lure fishing ,
one for medium crank and jerk bait fishing,
one for heavy crank and jerk bait fishing,
and one for fly fishing.

And then I have a big bag , for days on a new water,of which I have no pre knowledge, 
when I take the lot,(plus 3/4 rods) as I don't know what to expect.

When I know the venue, and what to target I trim it right down, 
I hate going to a new place, and not having the right gear with me.

I also have another 2 tackle seat boxes of bait fishing gear, that I might use half a dozen times a year.
I have my own fishing shed , retreat , den ,or  whatever you want to call it.
I seriously need to get a bigger one, as I can no longer get in it for tackle.
last count there were over 30 rods,( if the wife reads this, 30 is a typo, love , it should be 3)
one wet week end I am going to have to get some gear up into the loft.

Back to the session-

I had fished the stream for about 30 minutes, with not so much as a nibble,and then I thought about using a critter lure, so I rigged up a baby craw, with thoughts of tempting a big chub,( 3lb + not big, but for a stream that in places you can jump across, that is a monster) that runs in this stream, I've  nearly had it on a mini plug, I have hooked him briefly on the fly rod , maybe the craw would do it !  
I flicked it, on a small jig head across the stream , let it settle ,gave it a quick half turn of the reel, the result was an instant hit, from a jack, I must have cast to that very spot at least 20 times and nothing , this stream is a very clear chalk stream , and you can normally see the fish moving up and down , but this little chap had been hiding under the bank, and had ignored everything else that I had put in front of him.
But he could not resist the craw !
He was closely followed on the next cast, by another slightly smaller jack,
that raced across the gravel bed to nail the craw.... whoosh !
I could see him hunting it down, it was awesome !
After the commotion of those two catches, I went onto one of the pits,
and tried to catch some Roach, and Rudd on the fly rod, and failed miserably.
It got windy as the light went, and the fish started to feed, and my casting was truly awful !

I will return for that big chub again,soon !

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