Saturday, 7 July 2012

Slim pickings

I have had a few fairly unproductive sessions, during the week.

I took this small pike on a 20gm Jerk bait from one of the gravel pits,
 it was my only fish of the day, the water had gone green and murky over night, 
with an algae bloom, it was like green pea soup compared to a couple of days previous.

I had a mid week evening session on the lower stretch of Eden,  
with the ultralight lures that resulted in a blank :(
I had a short morning session on the upper stretch of the Eden, 
with the Avon&Pin set up, and took this nice chub on a worm.
I wanted to see if I could catch more on bait , than on the lure, from this stretch.
I caught more perch than last time ,but they were all very small,
 so I will stick to the lures for now.

Weather permitting ,I hope to be able to get an evening session in tonight ,
with the jerk baits, on the big pit.
and an early session is planned for tomorrow on The Muckstream.

I am also  hoping to get out most days next week, as I have the week off.
I just hope I can get some better results.

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