Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday morning session

Just back from a morning session on the lures, plenty of action from the pike , but still no perch !
I was told that a 2.5lb perch had been caught the day before, but I could not find one .
Still, I had some fun on the lures , I caught 4 or 5 fish , can't really remember exactly , lost a couple more at the net, and failed to hook another 6 or so strikes, so I had plenty of action.
I caught on
Kopyto Shads


umishi worm , these are great when jerked on a jig head

Below,the best fish of the day(7-8lb) caught on a jerked umishi worm,
it gave a heartstopping scrap on my lightweight 3-18gm rod.   :)

Found this little family asleep in my favorite swim , so I left them to it and came back later on.

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