Sunday, 13 May 2012

First session in 33 days ! 
I fished a local pit today,(I call it The Big Pit  ) the pit in question is where I will be holding most of the club junior competitions, and teach ins, to be held this year, so I thought I better acquiant myself with the place a bit.
So I dusted off the old float and feeder rods.
I was hoping for some Perch , I fished with bait ,worm and red maggots,for a change,
Managed to get the pick of the swims , a solid platform, with about 10 ft of water at 2 rod lengths, by the side of a semi-submerged bush. Looked good for a perch or two.
As I had some deep water close in, I could fish using a float , rather than using the swim feeder  , which I do not particularly enjoy
I did not find any perch  , but caught 2 good tench ,about 4lbmale -4.5lbish female ,
I have never seen a tench as red as the male fish that I caught today , it looked like he had done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.He must have been one aggresive little breeder. 
Both fish fought really well, on the light float outfit that I was using.
(4lb main line, size 16 on a 2.6 lb hooklength , dendro and a red maggot).
After I had lost, what felt like a bigger fish , I got no more bites .
I will really have to sort myself out for the teach-ins , as I was absolutely useless with the float rod,
couldn't get the shotting right to begin with , then I'd forgotten to use a float adaptor , so had to break the tackle right down to change the float, when the wind picked up.
I had to re plumb the depth again, as I had forgotten to mark the rod with the depth. 
Even getting everything in its right place, and easy to hand was a massive mission,
I have gotten so used to just walking about with a rod,net and a bag of lures, I didn't know whether I was having a sh*t, shave, or a haircut at times.
Also I realised how bad my eye sight had got, when attempting to bait up a size 16 hook. 
If any of the youngsters had been watching today, they would have all been laughing, or lolling, whatever .  I will try to give it another go next week, weather permitting , and hopefully ,some of my match practice, might come back to me a bit more by then

Some early morning shots of The Old Pit


  1. Nice session, I must say, I have never seen such a red Tench either, very strikingly coloured.

  2. Wow, crazy colour that tench. You seem to have had the same trouble I had going from lure fishing to fiddling with light tackle. I had a mare yesterday! lol