Sunday, 20 May 2012

Stripes at last

Had a good action packed session on the lures today, caught 6 pike, and actually made contact with a couple of perch, at long last!
The killer lure of the day was the Chartreuse spinnerbait, again, which was great for ripping through the lillies, and then letting it drop into the holes.
I had some monster follows, and strikes at the bait, one fish almost beached itself , trying to get at the spinnerbait.

I had one follow from a huge double fish , I'd just flicked out a small kopyto lure, finished the retrieve, and had just begun to lift the lure, when this croc launched itself at it . I saw it, at the same time it saw me, I jumped so much I ripped the lure out of its mouth ! It went off like a rocket,sending a huge bow wave through the swim. Next time !!

My first perch for months, 38cms, not to sure what that is in old money, must swot up on that. I have gone over to measuring my fish, as it is quicker, than faffing about with the scales and slings.
Update using a length to weight converter
it puts this fish at about 2.5lb :)

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