Monday, 12 March 2012


My target species and prefered methods for the next season
(I still go by seasons rather than years, I'm a bit old fashioned like that)

Summer --Lure and fly fishing for Perch and Chub

Autumn-- Lure and fly fishing for Perch and Chub,
                 Lure fishing for Pike, maybe a dabble with a fly, I will look into that.

Winter-- Bait fishing for Perch with worms,livies, lure fishing if conditions are good.
               Live and dead baiting for Pike, lure fishing if conditions are good.
               Bait fishing for Chub, quivertipping on the rivers.
              Trotting with the ol'pin for grayling(hopefully getting a new club membership next season)

Spring -- Bait fishing on the lakes, for some favoured species that I have ignored all year.
               Roach, Rudd, Tench and Crucians.
               And a bit of fly fishing for some small stream trout

Somewhere along the way I want to try for a Barbel ,as I have never caught one. Very thin on the ground around here these days I am told
Watch this space , but don't hold your breath.

Also next season I want to catch as many coarse species as I can on flies.
I had a go with a fly rod for the first time Sunday morning.
I went out at first light, so there were no witnesses to my dreadful technique.
I chose the most snaggy, treelined, low level river that I could have, why I will never know !
I soon found out what the limitations of my 7ft rod were, but still tried to reach the places that no other muppet would attempt.
I lost about 8 of my newly purchased flies (only cheapies off ebay)
Made contact with 2 , possibly Chub, but what a great time I had in the process.
I will definately be doing some more of that, but after the coarse river species, and small stream trout.
I can not get excited about fishing on commercial trout fisheries, or any type of commercial, for that matter.  I hope that I am not forced into having to , if our local river stocks get more depleted.

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