Sunday, 18 March 2012

More Mutterings !

I did not fish this weekend, sorry thats a lie, I did have a Saturday morning session, with the light lures but I might as well have not bothered.
Tried Neko rigging, Texas rigging, Dropshotting, Shads with spinnerbait and without, but I might as well have been using a bare hook,
Didderly Squat.
Anyway today was Mothering Sunday, and as a good dutiful son , I went to see my Mum.
I left in good time for the 12 mile journey, only to get stuck behind a swarm of cyclists , sometimes 4 abreast on narrow country roads.
So my journey took 3 times as long as normal. At one point there were a group of around a dozen cyclists , stopped and chatting at a busy road junction, blocking the road completely, and almost causing me to get rammed from behind by another car, as I could not negotiate the turn, until they had finished their conversation. A few choice words shouted out the window at them ,and a suitably impressive wheelspin up the road put distance betwen us.
It occurred to me,that if motorist were to behave this way,they would be prosecuted.
Also I was trying to calculate how much energy is wasted by all of the cyclists and runners, that use the roads , if there were a way of harnessing this energy it would be the greenest energy source ever, and it would keep all of these suicidal fools off the road.
I used to cycle, I have nothing against cyclist , until they get in a large group, and then they seem to think that they are above the law, they disregard the Highway Code, and then swear at you for going past them, when they have not allowed you through,
No doubt, tomorrow they will all be in their cars, driving in the middle lane of the motorway !!! 

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