Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Ballfish discovered in Kent gravel pit

Thats it , enough is enough, I am going to find some new venues to fish !!!

Yet another fishless day , for me and about 6 other anglers.
No cormorants spotted during the day and then they all came back to roost on the island,for the night.There are not many  fish left in this pit , if they fly off somewhere else during the day.

I took some pictures whilst there , so it was not a complete waste of an afternoon

I had been aiming to target the far end of the pit, nearest the flyover (1st picture above),
when the sun went down, as this end has more features, jetties,rushes and the like.
I spent a lot of time watching and waiting to spot any fish, and when they did begin show I went to that end of the pit.
There were a few fish beginning to move on the surface and I was beginning to get my hopes up, when SPLOSH!  SPLOSH!  SPLOSH!
Three of The Hounds of the Baskervilles,
launched them selves into the water, about 50 yards to my right,
all chasing the ball that their owner had sent flying a good 50 yards into the lake.
Lots of Good Boys! followed,
to be repeated with three more, large bellflopping dogs about 25yards to my right.
So that is six of them now !
all swimming around creating mini tsunamis across what was a tranquil scene, a moment before.
I called my Thank You's to the dog owners,
and pointed out that there was a No Swimming ,sign not five yards in front of them, and got the reply that that was for people ,
So my reply was that "So dogs have more rights than people now !"  
Anyway they went past behind me, and while I muttered a few choice words , and pointed out what a beautiful quiet evening it had been.
I thought  I might have heard an apology , when
I was sorely tempted to throw a couple more things in by then !!!!

I packed up and went home ,biting my lip,as I passed the dog owning idiots, that shattered the still of the evening .

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