Saturday, 18 February 2012

A bit of action.

Braved the weather, and was rewarded with this jack of about 4lb,which put up a great scrap, and christened new rod, reel, and net.
Fished B Lake first, but had no joy there, so went next door to the B Pit. and caught this after about an hour or so, it was the only bit of movement that I witnessed all day.
Caught it on a Redhead Crankbait.
Other lures that I tried were, Scorpion shallow diver, Chartreuse spinnerbait, 6" white Plastic Shad, with a glider jig head, managed to crack 1 of these off, when the braid caught around bailarm, should have used multiplier really , hindsight is wonderful, aint it!
Spotted a couple of cormarants on the pit, not good !
Some great work being done on this water, to open up more swims, and stop the bivvy boys fishing right across the width of the lake. I hear that it will become a day ticket venue ,to produce more revenue for the club, just hope that they restock it regularly, the club needs a good water and now that they own it outright, we might get some good fishing, as the river has died a death recently!And I don't think the EA are likely to restock, it could take years to get back to anything like what it once was.

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