Sunday, 8 January 2012

Blankety Blank

Nothing to report on the fishing front, can't even get a bite at the moment.
Still chucking the SP lures at them, but I think that this might be the wrong approach, only time will tell.

Desperately want to christen my new rod, Mitchell Mag Pro 7'3" lure, and new Spro landing net, just have to hope things improve next week end. Trying hard to think of somewhere worthwhile visiting.
Have had a couple of trips out with the bait rods, and have scratched a few smaller fish out, but nothing of any note, had a good haul of small carp , when I stopped off at 4Elms, when the river was over its banks.
And one session with the 8m pole on the Medway backstream, caught a couple of perch and a few small chub, also caught a couple of better size roach, which got me thinking of targeting them a bit more next year, with the pole, I worked great in the swim that I fished,as there was a near bank overhanging branch, and with the pole I was able to draw the pole end through the branch, and fish the far bank glide, where I got most of the bites,
There was no way, that I could have reached the spot with rod and reel, and there is no access to the far bank.
I might use the pole a bit more next year, as it is different to how I used to fish,so another  new learning curve will be needed again, can't wait !

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