Sunday, 19 February 2012

Thought I would put up some pictures of some of the swims on the Edenbrook, that I love to fish (well I used to, when there were fish in it ! ) The swim pictured above, was where I had one of my best ever Edenbrook Chub hauls from, 3 fish all over 3lb , one just over 4lb, caught on luncheon meat on a
3 SSG  link ledger on the quiver tip rod.
A good perch swim, when the water is up it flows over the sluice and around to left is a backstream to another sluice.

A good long trotting swim, used to be full of good roach, and dace. last time I fished it ,there was nothing  !

A very snaggy pool below the top sluice , used to be a great dace hotspot, on the far side run.
The same pool from the end of the run.When the water is up ,the island in the middle,  is not reachable, as on this day

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