Thursday, 8 September 2011

Early morning at Barden Lake

This is a blog that I originally put on  a fishing forum a while ago
Set the alarm for 5.00 on the water by 5.30 , was greeted by the most magnificent sunrise over the lake. I could of just sat there and watched the sun coming up, it was that beautiful
Set up two rods one a light spinning outfit and the other slightly heavier to work some lures.
Thought I would try to tie a drop shot rig and wiggle some plastic worms for a perch or two,
I had a couple of taps but did not connect with anything.I am going to give this method a good try in future .
Changed the dropshot rig to a small rapala minnow , had one good thump first cast and then nothing for next half hour,I had moved up the shallow end of the lake some 30 yds while working the minnow,and was finding it difficult with all of the weed, so I tried this weedless lure that I bought off e bay that is supposed to be an exact replica of a rapala weedless lure,
but I can not get the thing to fish right, no matter what I do,
But I did get a good thump on it when I had attached my line to my own version of the US Linedancer. and that was it , so on went a walking the dog lure on the heavier (10-40g) rod , another 30 minutes moving up the bank.
And then there was this flash of blue and gold and then another darting over the lake surface , a pair of Kingfishers winged there way out to and past the island and then disappeared, alas I was not quick enough to even think of taking a picture. I looked at my watch, it was 7.30, I thought that I was proberbly one of very few people to see something so wonderful at that very moment. By this time I was thinking that yet again I was going to go unrewarded by the fish gods, so I put my thinking head in to gear,
a lot of weed = weedless lure, tried that.
A lot of weed = floating lure, tried that
a walk the dog lure, tried that.
I had one more lure in my arsenal, a metalic silver,green and red popping lure from Hong Kong (e-bay again). I have never used it before and was going to repaint it, so it was not so garish. First cast, pop- pop- pop - whallop a jack about 4/5lb launched it self at it and we were on.It gave a good scrap on the light gear and was in the net in a couple of minutes. The lure popped out in the net, a quick snap, and then he was back in the water getting his breath back, with one flick ofhis tail off he went, spraying me in the face as he went. It doesn't get much better than that!


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