Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Medway Muppet

I spent the whole day fishing like an absolute muppet.Why do I have days when I just do not do anything right. The whole purpose of me taking up lure fishing, was so that I could move around with the minimal of gear. Now I am taking 4 rods and reels, bank sticks, a huge bag of tackle and hook baits, just incase the perch or pike are not having it. I have forgotten how much I was enjoying my roving style of fishing, I spent the whole day fishing at one spot, (without a chair)it was a big bay with a lot of water to cover, but I had proberbly covered it in the first 2 hours , so then I set up a quivertip outfit and sat and watched the tip for 4 hours with nothing doing. and then back to the lures for another 2/3 hours, before deciding to move, and what happens when I move, I start catching again!
So today I sorted out the gear again ,condensed it all down,so it will fit in a shoulder bag, I am only going to carry the gear for the fish that I am targeting, if I decide to fish with a float or a tip for some chub or perch that will be all the gear that I will take. So, weather permitting,this Wednesday I will be walking and fishing the Medway, taking notes of what lures I used ,where the snags are and drawing details of the swims that I fish, like I started off doing 2 months ago, when I used to catch more fish and have more fun!

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