Monday, 17 March 2014

A fish at last !

I actually managed to get to some water at last , 

The rivers around my way ( Medway& Eden) just got back into fish-able conditions last weekend (15 th ) just in time for the beginning of the close season , typical!  
I have been waiting months to get on the streams again, and they just never dropped and cleared in time, 
I did have a couple of half hearted attempts in the floods, but apart from a couple of small perch on drop-shot tactics nothing much was forth coming.

So today (Monday) I managed to get a couple of hours throwing lures on The Pit, I could only fish one side and one end of the pit as the water levels are still very high making the far side swims inaccessible, also the lagoon end of the pit was full of "bivvied up" carp boys , I gave them plenty of space as they do not always appreciate the fine art of lure chucking very much. 

So I had a run of about the first 16 swims to play around in, I started off on a chartreuse spinner bait, as the colour of the water is still quite murky, I hooked on 3" paddle tail shads in various colours to make it a bigger profiled bait and give extra casting weight ,so that I could reach the deeper water . I spent the next 2 hours moving from swim to swim , searching the margins and any bank side feature,then fan casting, with not so much as a sniff.

I tried a slow sinking jerk bait , but kept finding weed growth.

I tried a weed less "sebile magic swimmer",in perch and roach patterns , a lure that looks like it should catch ,but I am yet to get ought on it ! 
I will keep giving them a go for a while longer ,before they are put in the shed , with all the other also rans. 

I switch back to a spinner bait, but a white one this time. fitted with a trailer hook and first cast I get a hit , I strike and feel solid resistance and then nothing , there is a healthy boil on the surface as the fish turns away , I flick the lure back in, just beyond the swirl and it is nailed straight away , I feel heavy solid resistance, and the fish just rises to the surface and wallows there for a couple of seconds , its a good low double I reckon, 
"now its going to wake up" I say to myself  - out loud  ;) ! 
but apart from one solid dive which I stop, it never went any further than where it took the lure , no energy at all.  Until I try to unhook it of course !    
Not to bad a fish to break the blank spell

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