Friday, 3 January 2014

Not a chance !

Apart from a couple of less than half hearted sessions throwing jerk baits in to a swollen and coloured up gravel pit ,I have not had a chance to fish with the UL gear at all !

Here are the last two venues that I fished ,and you can see why I have not been at them !

This is the normally tiny River Eden in Edenbridge,not the exact spot where I normally fish ,you cant get to that at all ,but this is what its like all over my patch!

This canalised bit is in normal conditions 20-30 ft wide max.!
At the top of the river opposite the top house  you can just see a riffle in the water where the near side bank normally is.
This is the same stream that was a good 2 foot under summer depth a couple of weeks ago

This is a footpath !

Edenbridge town centre:- and this has dropped a foot or two since yesterday.
I sometimes stand against the bridge wall and flick a lure through , wont be doing that for a while !

This is a vid of the River Medway in Maidstone Town Centre, where I like to fish when I take the wife shopping , (out of the goodness of my heart, of course ;) normally ideal for a quick drop-shot session

She can shop more locally for the next couple of weeks!
I cant see any point in taking her shopping there, if I cant get to fish !

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