Friday, 21 September 2012

I tried, but I failed !

O.K. so I have tried to widen my approach to fishing, but something keeps calling me back to THE LURES, I have found that I cannot sit behind a pair of rods in a rest, for more than about a minute !
This sitting down bit gets to me straight away, I want(need) to be active, pro-active, hyper active call it what you may ! Don't forget that I am now 54, so by no means a youngster, but I am not ready for my pipe and slippers either, working with young adults, as a teacher keeps me young (at heart.)
I do not do this waiting thing very well at all ,also what with my failing eye sight (Mother was right all those years ago) I have a hell of a job baiting small hooks up, and I mean sizes 10 and 12 , not the 20's and 22's that I used to whip on by hand,  so I hold up my hands , I have tried but failed miserably.

So for the last few evenings I have been having a few short lure sessions on my local pit, I decided to start with a fresh approach, and made a decision to try some different lures, methods and areas.
My first choice of tactic was to try drop-shotting in the deeper part of the pit, but this just lead to frustration from the weed that is still thick, and the shear amount of snags that I managed to find, which is alright, when using braid, as I can normally ping the lure out, or straighten the hook, but with the DS it proved almost impossible, apart from in a couple of well fished carp swims , where the bottom must be regularly raked .
I will give it another go later in the year when the weed has died down a bit, and when the carp swims are less busy with the bivvy boys.
So I moved on to the top part of the pit which is shallower in parts, and fished with spinners rather than SP shads, and I had some success , one evening I landed 6 jacks, lost about 6 more, and managed a couple of small perch . I think that I am getting more response on the spinners than on jigged shads.
One fish that I caught, had followed the spinner(copper Blue Fox 3) in a couple of times, and then had just shied away at the bank, so I thought that I might try something that I have done before, but with a twist. With my jigging rod I lowered a kopyto shad into the water, almost at my feet so that it was plainly visible to me, and where I could retrieve my spinner over, which is a trick that I have done before but with a sprat. Next cast with the spinner the fish followed it in again , I made sure the the spinner almost touched the shad on the bottom , the pike watched the spinner, saw the shad , hovered over it just long enough for me to stealthily put my spinning rod down, and just sucked in the shad and jig head and slowly turned away- fish on !

I have also caught a fair few micro pike, less than a pound, some less than half a pound. there are still massive shoals of fry to be seen in this pit, and I actually witnessed a shoal of small perch chasing the fry into a corner of the pit , there were fish jumping out everywhere , alas I only had my jerkbait rod with me ( with 7inch shad on ) at the time, still its good to see, even if it is a bit frustrating.
But I am definitely getting my MOJO back on.
And I might as well face it , I'm addicted to THE LURE  !   -- OH YEAH !

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