Sunday, 30 September 2012

A few from last weeks sessions

I had been concentrating on the larger pit (68 acres) for a few visits last week ,with only the one fish to show for my endeavours, but it put up a hell of a scrap, I thought that it was an upper double, when I first hooked it, it stayed deep and just powered away from me, it had real strength , it was in peak condition, and put up a scrap when I had it on the mat.
As you can see it had a good girth to it, it took a 4" fishunter lure, that was slowly twitched along the bottom  with plenty of pauses, I felt the fish pick up the static lure, and as it  gently pulled away, I set the hook, and then all hell broke out !

So this week I returned to the smaller pit, and had a few fish , but not much to get to excited about.

 This fish went for the 4" fishunter in red and white again.

A 5 cm white kopyto accounted for the fish above, and below.

This greedy little perch took a size 2 Blue Fox cooper spinner

Somehow this little perch managed to squeeze a 5 cm orange kopyto into its mouth.

When using soft plastic shad baits , I always start with a kopyto, and then once I have wrung the changes with retrieve, and lure colour, I will switch to a fishunter. This sometimes does the trick.
I have had very little luck on the pits, fishing with grubs, which last year on the rivers were my go to lures.
The other week I was catching a few on spinners, this week just one small perch was taken with this method, It just goes to show,
that you have to keep wringing the changes,
and there is no such thing as a certainty in lure fishing!

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  1. Nice to see that you're back and enjoying yourself with the lure fishing Marc.