Monday, 19 December 2011

Too cold for my old bones

I must be feeling all of my 53 years, as I really can't face the elements anymore, gone are the days of getting up at 3 am, and doing my milk round, come rain, shine or hurricane. I have just worked the hardest that I have, for a year or so, organising the Christmas lunches, and dinners, with the students at college, and I am absolutely shattered, I may need all of the Christmas break to get over it. I used to work 60-80 hours every week, and still carry on, now I have actually done a full 40 hours work on my feet, have had it !
During the Christmas break I was thinking of going out for a couple of hours each day with the rod, but every time, I can find an excuse not to go. I am probably not missing much in the way of sport, in fine weather that does not usually bother me, but in the cold, the morale drops, and you begin to question your own sanity. However the weather is looking a bit better for tomorrow (Tuesday) I might get the old bones up and out for a while.

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