Sunday, 11 December 2011

Some of my collection of lures and tackle

Here are some of the small soft plastic baits that I use,
 above are some Relax Kopyto fish baits ,
which have a great tail action, and the Perch love them !
A 5"plastic worm, rigged weedless,
or Texas style, great for chucking into snaggy places.
Some Big Hammer 1- 1/2 " perch grubs.
More worms, with worm hooks and weights.
All the makings for my wire traces.
The finished trace.
My favorite Lake Fork Baby Shads,
they stink of garlic and the perch just love em !
The 3.5"Salt and Pepper Hula Grub (on the right)
 has caught me my Personal Best (PB )
Perch at 1lb8oz
and Pike16lb 
I only have 3 left, so I am desperately trying to find some more of these US lures

A selection of larger soft plastic baits, for light/medium weight fishing
Some jigheads, and Stand out Dropshot hooks

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