Sunday, 3 February 2013

Hard going !

I thought that I would leave the lure rods at home today, (Sunday )as I had fished a long session(to long !) on Friday, throwing large and medium lures, with nothing to show for it, other than aching arms, and extremely muddy clothing, where I had slipped, and fell at least half a dozen times, luckily always when leaving a swim going up hill away from the water, rather than on the downward journey towards the water. At times I looked like Arnie in "Predator" covered in mud from head to foot , with no visible heat source emitting from my person. So I thought that a nice gentle session was in order for a change.
Target species = anything that was feeding .

This was my first port of call , the inlet swim , which turned out to be the wrong call, there were so many twigs,leaves and branches washing through the swim, and on the back eddy, that it made fishing almost impossible, and yet I tried for at least 3 hours before excepting defeat. I fished a worm close in on the right of the swim, for a perch or two (or none) and bread flake at about 2 rod lengths, in about 7-8 ft of water , just in front of the main flow into the lake. NOT A BITE !

So I packed up my gear and put most of it in the car , and fished a few spots on the stream, with 12 ft float rod and centre pin reel. Sport was patchy and slow but I managed to winkle a few roach out to save the day.

So all was not lost, how ever, it was still very cold in that wind !

One little ray of sunshine was spied on the way back to the car.
My  first sighting of some snowdrops !
Roll on the spring !

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