Saturday, 6 October 2012

Treble trouble !

I thought that I would concentrate with the ultra light gear today, I spent the first hour on the 6pit with not a knock, to show for my endeavours, Firstly I concentrated my attack on the marginal features, using shads  and spinners.There had been a lot of rain during the night ,(non stop for 12 hours, an over night carper told me when I stopped for a natter).
The feeder stream was pushing a current right the way through the lake. along with a lot of tree branches and buckets.
I had a good go running a lure along the side of the crease, but nothing happened
I then went to the weedy pit where I had caught a good fish the day before, I really fished hard on this lake and managed to connect with 2 small jacks , but they both managed to shed the hook. I caught a few perch from this lake in the summer and I was hoping that it would produce some more, however up until now they have not shown again :-(
I then went on to the stream(chalk) which on reflection should have been my first port of call, as it can fish  well, when there is a bit more water, and colour running through it .
This stream needs a very slow and careful approach as you can soon "outfish" it, I like to catch a fish, and move downstream, there are only 5-6 places that you can get at on this small stretch, so you can cover it very quickly.And then come back 3 -4 hours  later and start again.
Luckily for me no one else has fished it for a while, as the nettles were over head height.

I put on a HRT , 2 gm,  firetiger crankbait
 and caught a small chub almost straight away

Down to the next swim, and a small perch on my second cast.

I then caught another bigger chub that had engulfed the lure, somehow I then managed to get the belly trebles stuck in the net(rubberised), I quickly cut the belly trebles off , and manage to extract the other set from the chubs throat. 
The chub swam off without any obvious signs of damage, and I did not see any signs of it in distress later, so  hopefully it looked worse than it was. 
It really upset me that I might have harmed this fish, so I cut one of the hooks off the treble, so now the lure only had a double hook on the back end. 

I wondered if it might alter the action of the lure, so I gave it a little flick out, and a practice retrieve with a few pauses and flicks ,everything looked alright, so out I cast it again.
What I like to do on a couple of the swims here, is to float the lure downstream under the tree branches ,10-15 yards or so , I then "mend the line" to get  the braid in as straight a line as possible , and then slowly work the lure back under the branches of the bushes, as close to the near bank as I can.
About half way back I get a solid thump on the lure and a jack is on , it does a bit of tail walking as well ,
I chin him out, and there we have it-

 "The Treble" (chub,perch,and pike) and all on the same lure!(albeit slightly modified) ;-)

I have not used any of my lures(cranks and jerk baits) that have trebles on for a while, and I am thinking about doing away with them completely, after using soft plastic baits, with a single jig head hook, it all felt a bit barbaric.

I returned to the 6 pit for the last couple of hours, and managed to get one more jack in the net, and distance released a couple more :)


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  1. Hi Mark,

    I'm a UltraLight fisher from Holland and have dealt with the same issues regarding the treble hooks. They are (perhaps) great while hooking pike but with all the other species they ruin the mouth of them. Therefore i've decided to replace all the treble's with single hooks: Gamakatsu LS-3423. I might perhaps miss a bite but don't have to deal anymore with the slaughter of nice perche's....


    Johan Klok