Thursday, 31 May 2012

Some new bits of gear

After my success with the spinnerbaits recently,
I have invested in a few more ,
Like you do !

7gm spinnerbait


colarado spinnerbait attachment size0

weedless 7gm jig

And a couple of different style of micro snap links.

I also bought some 15lb super flex trace wire,
at a very good price,on E-Bay.
@ £1.99 for 10 meters,
even if it is pants,it aint no big deal,
I'll use in the garden.

I want to  see how it compares to my normally prefered wire,
from Savage Gear. @ £7.00 for7metres.

I hope to get out for a session ,
 Friday evening on The Old Ballast Pit.
Hunt down some of those stripes!!!

One more day at work, and then off for the week,
and do I need the rest ! 
Those students really wear me down at times.

Thank goodness for fishing !

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