Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The quest goes on !

Today I fished a small club water, that I had been told, held a good head of perch.
Arrived at the lake/lakes at about 10am after taking no3 daughter to work.
Weather was a bit overcast,and there had been no sudden drop in temperature overnight, I was optimistic and thought I might stand a good chance of connecting with some stripies.
First cast was a little flick out to some emerging pads, with an orange 5cm Kopyto shad,
the lure hit the water, I let it sink for a while , was just about to retrive and then the line just shot out, I was straight in ! hello I thought , this feels familiar, and sure enough , yet another Jack came to the surface.
Next cast saw a similar result , so 2 casts = 2 fish.
 But still no stripes on the bank!
The sun came out then, and I did not get another fish , until after a sudden fierce shower of rain that got me sheltering under the branches, until it past, I then caught about 6 little pikelets on a variety of lures

I ended the day with ten jacks in total, and I must of missed/lost another 10 or so !

It was an entertaining days fishing, with plenty of action on the lightweight gear, but still not a sign of Mr and Mrs Perch, so the quest goes on !

I took some pictures of the signs of spring coming through, and a couple of moody shots of April showers brewing up in the not so distant, distance!

Only a couple more trips allowed, before I go back to work,
Do I need to find some different water to try? or should I perhaps persue a different quarry for a while?

I think I might just go, and do a bit of roach fishing for a while.......

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