Thursday, 5 April 2012

Commercial Rant

I would just like to recount an experience of the other day , when I dropped in at a local commercial fishery to inquire  about lure fishing.

Anyway, I thought I would stop, and inquire at the fishery, and parked my car next to the bailiffs hut, with a view to just popping in, and asking one quick question.
Seeing as how I did not want my Dad wandering around in a strange place, I thought that was fair enough, I could keep him in sight for the few moments that I was out of the car.
Oh NO I committed the crime of parking in the wrong place, and got
 " OY :!:  is that your car there :?:  ! What the hell makes you think that you can park there mate! "
"I'm terribly sorry my good man" I reply, or words to that effect.
" I must have neglected to notice the NO PARKING sign That isn't there  :!: "
I explained that I wanted to keep an eye on my Dad, while I asked a question about the fishing, and did not want to have my dad wandering around by the water.
"Dont bring him here then :!:  " was the reply of the ignorant cur :!:
"Don't worry I won't bring anyone here again" I said, and left spinning gravel all up the side of the so and so's  hut :!:
Why is it that a little bit of supposed power, goes to some peoples head, and they forget all the  niceties, these people are providing a service to their customers , and to treat someone,a potential customer, like that is out of order.
If I had behaved like that when I was a Publican, I would have had no customers, and gone out of business, and rightly so :!: 

Anyone else had run ins with rude Fishery Bailiffs/Owners or others that like to think they rule the world

He was a short arse little so and so as well,
(I am only 5'8", but have never suffered with Little Man Syndrome ;)
Apologies to other short people ;)
Like in everything, there are always some that spoil it for others

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  1. Oh yes I've had plenty of run ins with jobsworth types over the years, the very best was a baillif on a local water (in fact the reservoir I've just posted about) who was also at the time a Severn trent bailiff, i.e. checked rod licences. The region was on a two rod limit back then and he made it his mission to track down anyone trying their luck, hiding behind hedges, sneaking about and all that. I was fishing another local water one day and saw him walking around the far bank which was I guess 300 yards away, he stopped and spoke to a friend over there and I saw his telescope come out before off he went back to his car. I thought nothing of it until I got home that evening and my Dad (I was 15 at the time)got a phone call from the baillif playing merry hell becasue I was fishing three rods! In actual fact I wasn't and the daft old bugger had probably been looking at a fence line next to me or my landing net handle. I should confess however that a few years later he caught me bang to rights when he raided the reservoir at 12.30am!!!