Sunday, 28 August 2011

Fishing not catching

This is my lure that got smashed to pieces today while fishing on the River Eden in Edenbridge. I would like to tell you that a monster pike did this damage, but it was only because I cast the lure straight into the brickwork of the bridge that this happened. I managed to lose 3 or 4 more lures during the course of the morning, with only one fish making a grab for my lure!

I had fished the Medway in Tonbridge from first light, thinking that maybe it would fish better then than it has for me in afternoon or evening sessions, I had one good knock on a soft lure and that was it; I tried about 10 swims and no joy, so I think I will avoid that stretch of the Medway for a while and concentrate on the lakes. So on the way to pick up my daughter, I stopped off on the Eden for a short session. Very low water levels and a lot of weed. 

Back to the lakes tomorrow. The alarm clock is set, the lure boxes have all been sorted out, yet again, what could go wrong?  

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  1. Perhaps you'll shut your fishing rod in the car door again Dad! Hehe x